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General / Inverter

Nominal Bank DC Voltage : 48V
Peak Efficiency : 93%
Continuous Output : 4KW
Surge Rating : 8KW (5 seconds max)
Output Waveform : Pure SineWave
Output Voltage : 230vAC ± 5%
Output Regulation :<3%RMS for battery voltage range
Output Short Circuit : Circuit Breaker
AC Battery Charger
Charging Mode : 3-Stage
Boost Voltage : 58.4V (flooded)
Float Voltage : 54.0V (flooded)
AC Recharging Current : 60 Amp (adjustable)
AC Input (Mains/Generator)
Input Voltage Range : 90~280VAC (Applicance Mode)
  : 170~280VAC (UPS Mode)
Solar Charge Controller
Type : MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
Max Charging Current : 60Amp
Max PV Input/Output : 3000W
Max PV Input Voc : 145V
MPPT Range : 60-115V

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